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Marvin Mondlin
Sr. Vice President
June 1992

Dear Irwin;

Lou Bernstein and Louis Garibaldi have produced a
breathtaking view of the ocean life in Reflections on an
Aquarium. It is a beautiful book which largely owes its
beauty to the consummate art of Lou Bernstein's vision. The
way he captures the grace and power of whales, dolphins and
seals, the way he reveals mystery and terror in sharks,
sawfish, octopi and scorpion fish, the sense of humor displayed
in walrus, in turtle and in penguin - all add up to a book that
has real emotional vibrancy. Browsing through this work is
equivalent to a trip to the aquarium plus a visit to an art
gallery. Reflections on an Aquarium, text and images,
show how much love, how much thought and respect for these
beings photographer and museum director both have.

On the artistic side, it is my opinion, after more than thirty
years of looking closely at the art of photography since its
inception, that Lou Bernstein ranks with the greatest
practitioners of the twentieth century. If we had only this small
sample of his work we would have enough to see that we were
in the presence of a photographer who sees with both greatness
of heart and with the rare vision and cunningness that only
such others as Cartier-Bresson, Blossfeldt and Weston
have. Even while being winsome, or giving us a shiver he
transforms the immediate into something eternal, sculptural,
luminous, mysterious.

It is a wonderful book. It deserves to be seen and enjoyed by
everyone. Whoever cares for nature and art will find this bonk
a lively and lasting pleasure

Marvin Mondlin
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