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Lou Bernstein

Lou Bernstein's universe
is his beloved New York
and his native

Reflections of an Aquarium

Lou Bernstein a lover of photography for an uninterrupted period of some 55
years: he communicates pleasures of life's gifts through eyes that see,
preserving playful and tender acts of living interrelations. Bernstein almost
never sees a lonely figure, his eyes are reserved for two beings, be it human
or animal, flirting, playing and loving each other.

Lou Bernstein's universe is his beloved New York and his native Brooklyn and
all his visual adventures with people and exotic wildlife happen in the parks, on
the beach, the streets, in the zoo and the aquarium of his glorious borough.
"it's the photographer, not the material that wears out first," Bernstein said in
1955. In 1992, there is not a sign of fatique either.

This retrospective of infectious optimism belongs to a man whose preserved
memories are our treasures.

Lou Bernstein about Photography: "look at the advantages," he points out.
"you meet people. You get a chance to learn. You do your own kind of work.
You earn a living. As a pretty good answer, I keep busy. I take what I think are
honest pictures. I'm happy. What more can a man ask?"
Louis E. Garibaldi, PhD

Motivated by a desire to
show others the
wonders of nature that
have fascinated him...
Louis Garibaldi, PhD had been a professional biologist for the past 25 years,
during which time he has worked for Aquariums in San Francisco, Washington,
D.C., Boston and for the past nine years at the New York Aquarium. He did his
graduate studies in animal behavior and ecology in order to better understand
and interpret the natural world.

Motivated by a desire that have fascinated him, he realized many years ago
that his inducement and efforts to maintain the diverse collections of aquatic
and marine specimens were so they might be used to teach people. This was
not just so visitors to the Aquarium would learn to appreciate the diversity and
preciousness of life in the waters, but also so they would learn to care about it.

He is a frequently consulted expert on exhibit design and sophisticated life
support systems for everything from live corals to whales. His expertise was
developed to better present and care for living animals in his stewardship.
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